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A Letter to many State School Head Teachers in the United Kingdom

I just thought I'd drop you a few lines to let you know how delighted I am that my son is now able to leave your school after all these years of being misinformed, misguided and generally brainwashed by your staff who are obliged to teach our children so much downright nonsense. Of course, I realise that all state schools follow the teachings of our political leaders and give no thought to the consequences and, in fact, no doubt many teachers believe these lies themselves, which does nothing at all to educate our children honestly and truthfully.

As a Church of England school, I'm sure you will also be delighted to know that you've converted my son from being a Christian to an atheist. No doubt your political masters will be thrilled to know of this success. As we all know, they have been busy changing our country from being a Christian society to a secular / Islamic society for many years. I know your teachers of religion have put enormous effort into this and will no doubt have their hearts warmed by this considerable achievement. I understand that many other children have been converted in this way too, so I'm sure these teachers will receive their due reward for such diligence in the next life, if not this.

Fortunately for my son, I've been able to point out and properly educate him regarding many of the lies your staff have promulgated on such topics as man-made global warming and the 9/11 tragedy (tragic farce) in the USA as just two examples. The sad fact is that many other parents won't have been sufficiently knowledgeable, or interested, to be able to do this and therefore many of our country's children will grow into adults who have no idea of the real truth of what is going on in our world. No doubt this applies to many of your staff too. After all, many members of your staff will have been brainwashed by the system too.

I'd also like to add that he has left school knowing almost nothing of any use. Eleven wasted years attending various schools to learn nothing of value.

  • He can barely write (most of what he writes is illegible), let alone spell words correctly.
  • He cannot calculate anything using even the most simple arithmetic functions and certainly has no clue about using mental arithmetic to assist him.
  • He only reads what is on his iPad regardless of the fact we have well over a thousand books in our home library.
  • His eyesight has now deteriorated to the extent it may well prove difficult for him to obtain a driving licence in the future because of constantly focussing on the screen of his iPad.
  • He has no idea about how to use a computer with a keyboard using programs such as MS-Word, MS-Excel and Adobe Acrobat, let alone more sophisticated software, so this too will limit his job prospects.

Whilst I accept that he, along with many other young lads, is inherently lazy, you have done nothing to change this and have let him have an easy ride through his school years (NOT his education years, as he hasn't received any significant or useful education).
You have wasted many years of his life by subjecting him to useless subjects at school. These include anything that won't lead to a useful career – including such topics as P.E / sport, art and creative media, religion, music, history, foreign languages etc., all of which should be encouraged, but not taught during normal school hours – the school could be utilised for these topics during evenings and on Saturdays.

I might also add at this point that the very short working day with many holidays does not do our children any good at all – a minimum extra three hours work per day would be highly beneficial. Schools should operate for many more hours per day, six days per week, as a service to our young citizens, with a minimum number of hours that the children should attend – 35 hours a week on useful career or university oriented subjects and 10 hours per week (during evenings and Saturdays) on other topics of their choice. Scrapping half-term holidays would also be very beneficial.

Of course, they might then achieve something worthwhile which isn't what our political leaders want at all. They want 'sheep', not well-educated thinkers (which is why so many successful people come out of good private schools where they are made to work harder and longer!).

You have failed to focus sufficiently on the main topics of English, maths, business, science and computing. Other useful topics might include an overview of a wide range of engineering related subjects, including technical drawing, a much more serious approach to practical skills in domestic science and needlework as well as DIY projects that use skills in woodwork and metal work – even basic plumbing and car mechanics. They have acquired NO skills that will help them stand on their own two feet after leaving school. How many adults know how their home heating system or their car really works? How many can talk to, or even understand, their car mechanic when a problem arises?

Your main focus is on academic subjects which is a waste of time and effort for many pupils as they are not so inclined, whereas teaching some useful, semi-academic skills would be of great benefit to them. You should give all pupils lessons in basic finance – budgeting, banking and savings, mortgages, loans (and loan sharks!), credit cards and debt, investing, pensions. Teach them that saving money and investing it may make them well-off – spending money won't achieve that! Teach them how to go shopping and make savings in what they have to buy (perhaps by buying in bulk or buying from a different shop). Teach them what healthy foods are and how to buy them, as well as cook with them.

The school could even buy property that needs renovating, teach and let the pupils do the work of improving the property – teach them about the finances involved too – and the school could sell the house at a profit once the renovation work is complete – and buy the next property that the children can renovate. This would be so useful to children in the last two years of attendance at school as it would help prepare them for life in the big wide world – something you have failed to achieve for my son.

You have not prepared him for his future and have not served in his best interests in any way at all.

I'm sure you must be delighted to have failed him – and many of his peers.



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