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Some weeks ago, on a Sunday morning I suffered the most awful stiffness in my neck – to the point where I couldn’t rotate my head sideways at all. Grace drove me to the pharmacy where the pharmacist took one look and said I ought to go straight to the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital. Grace took me there and I was diagnosed as having a muscle spasm. Armed with some strong pain killers and anti-inflammatory gel I returned home and after some days my neck gradually improved.

The problem was caused by my wearing glasses! Most days I’m sat all day in front of a computer screen doing my work. The lenses in my glasses are of the varifocal type so can cover distances from very near to far distance without me having to change my glasses. When reading, or looking at the computer screen, I have to peer through the lower part of the lens. This means that my head is tilted backwards – even with the computer monitor set in its lowest position. Hence the stiff neck.

A few days ago, Grace sent me in to Wilko, a cheap goods store to buy something. Whilst there, I noticed that they sold reading glasses of various dioptre settings. After trying out a few pairs I found one to my liking and bought them. I now use these when viewing the computer screen and, wonder of wonders, I don’t have to tilt my head. No more pain and discomfort! Wonderful.

Now, here’s the crunch. My ‘normal’ glasses cost a great deal of money – just for the frames – and loads more for the lenses. The glasses I bought from Wilko cost me £4.25 – with lenses! How can it be that we get ripped off by opticians for frames that can easily cost up to and beyond £100 when Wilko’s can sell them for less than a fiver! I might add, that the ‘Wilko’ frames are better designed and made than my ‘normal’ glasses as these ‘cheap’ glasses have sprung hinges connecting the arms to the frames which my ‘normal’ ‘expensive’ glasses don’t have, so they fit better – and I can see the screen more clearly than ever before.

So much for ‘Specsavers’; I’ll stick with my ‘Necksavers’!


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