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Thoughts on a Home in the Sunshine

For many years, I've wanted to go to live in the sunshine. Until the pandemic hoax hit the world, it was a real possibility. In fact, Grace and I almost bought a home and land in Hungary that we intended to develop into a camping and caravanning site. How close we came to disaster is too scary to even think about. I'd even put a business plan together and had a meeting with our accountant about our proposal. After considerable discussion he suggested that the timing was wrong for us as a family, bearing in mind our son's education and that I'd have to go it alone in Hungary whilst Grace and JP stayed in the UK for some time, just visiting during school holidays – not something that I was looking forward to. After further thought on the matter, we came to the same conclusion as our accountant and postponed the idea until JP had completed his education.

Soon after this decision was made came the pandemic hoax which is still controlling our lives via our incompetent politicians who continue to go against medical and scientific knowledge and advice (refer to my blog about this at URL:
It is obvious that this hoax is going to be made to last as long as those in power can prolong it – no doubt they are making fortunes out of their shares in the big pharmaceutical companies.

What this means is that hardly a soul would have been able to visit our caravan / camp site because of the lock-downs and travel restrictions that were imposed, and this is likely to continue almost indefinitely. In fact, I would have probably been stuck in Hungary, unable to come home, for a very long time. One only has to look at the idiotic rule that the French President, Macron, imposed whereby UK citizens were no longer able to travel through France unless certain conditions were met in order to get to their home in another country. How ridiculous is that!

So, where are we now? As we can't travel to other countries, I've decided to call a halt to my retirement and am now fully employed on a contract using my specialised skills to rake in some money that will be put into our savings for our future retirement. Even at the age of 72, I'm still able to work and am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of what I'm doing. Read more about this in my blog at URL:

So, what does the future hold for us?

Not being a clairvoyant, that is impossible to answer with any degree of certainty. That said, there are a number of possible options that may, or may not, come to fruition. Hence the title Thoughts on a Home in the Sunshine.

Having come close to disaster previously, we're unlikely to take the option of buying a home in the sunshine, tempting though this really still is. Seeing the properties available for sale in countries such as Italy, France, Greece or in other warm locations, still gives me the desire to buy such a place and go there to live. Sadly, that isn’t likely to be possible in the foreseeable future and, even if it became possible, life in these troubled times is so uncertain and unstable we have to ask the question "is it worth the risk?" After all, as I write this, there is still relative freedom for people living in England rather than in some other countries.

Another option is one I've already discussed on my blog at URL: This too is now an unlikely proposition.

What options do we have left?

Until, and if, the travel restrictions are lifted, we have none at all. No hope whatsoever.

So far, our hopes of living in the sunshine have been smashed to smithereens – hence me returning to work and postponing my retirement. At least the extra cash will be useful!

We can only thank God, and our accountant, that we didn't buy our dream property in Hungary, or anywhere else, as there is no possibility of this situation changing any time soon.

As to future possibilities once (if) the travel restrictions are lifted, there are two possibilities having abandoned all hope regarding our original proposals.

One is to go touring with our caravan for as long a period of time as we can – bearing in mind that we are limited to 90 days in any rolling 180 period for staying in the Schengen area (unless we can obtain French residency or leave the Schengen area for 90 days or longer – refer to URL:

The second option would be to rent a property in the sunshine and stay there as long as we felt happy there. If we wanted to have a change of scene we could move on to another location and rent another property for our stay – and so on – bearing in mind the restrictions described above, as well as the cost of renting properties for fairly short durations.

So, we're now stuck in the UK Ad infinitum, and that really means England as the other countries in the UK can introduce their own restrictions independently. So here we are and here we stay in the rain, cold and misery of living this far north of the equator. Wish you were here? No way!


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