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Six Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing


1)         Win the Lottery.

2)         Quit your job.

3)         Move to live in a different country.

4)         Have an interesting hobby.

5)         Get a bicycle – and ride it!

6)         Get out of your comfort zone – do something different.


1)         Winning the lottery may not be an option, of course, although it's nice to dream.

2)         Quitting your job may not be easy for everyone but it's certainly refreshing – and possible. As my mum always used to say, "When one door closes, another door opens". If you're bored, stressed, depressed and want to change your life, quitting your job is a good way to begin changing your life. When I was on a training course many years ago (1996), I met a lady who wanted to change her life. She'd taken a couple of 'A' level courses, which she passed, then quit her mundane job and went to train as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages (a five-week course). At the end of the course she was offered a job in Italy – and off she went! Isn't that cool?  How difficult is that? So easy. Never looked back. Several of the students on that course did likewise – one young lady even going to teach in St. Petersburg in Russia.

3)         Moving to a different country in which to live is a great idea. I know, I've done it – in combination with quitting my job. I quit my job and moved to another country without having another job to go to. It was great! When I got low on funds, I found a job in the country where I'd gone to live. I even got lucky and 'found' a wife (I was on my third job in that country by that time). It doesn't get better than that. When I couldn't find any more work in that country, I found a job in another country and moved on – with my 'new' wife. Great! We've lived in four 'foreign' countries – what a great experience that has been. Would I do it again? Where's my passport? Get me on the next 'plane out, with my wife and our son, of course.

4)         Having interesting hobbies is always a good idea. They will give you something to fun to work at and a challenge. If you like travelling and seeing new places what better hobby is there than photography, for example. Even your telephone can be used as a camera (if you have a telephone – do you really need a telephone?). One man I worked with recently told me that he'd never retire as he'd have nothing to do. He had no hobbies so he felt he may as well continue working. I think that's rather sad in many ways. Another man who had retired said I should always continue working. He regretted retiring as he had no hobbies and was bored. He'd half-heartedly taken up painting (art) just to pass the time whilst he was waiting to die. Isn't that sad?

5)         Great fun. Great exercise. Great for travelling. Get a bike – but don't forget to ride it. Go cycle touring – it's a great way to meet people and make friends as well as seeing new places. In many ways it's the best way to travel as you can stop where you like (unlike when you're in a car or other vehicle) and go to places that you may not be able to get to by any other means. It's also the cheapest means of transport you can buy. The only downside is that of security – getting stuff stolen from your bicycle can be an issue not easily solved. Getting your bicycle stolen isn't a problem as you can always buy another bicycle (as I did when mine was stolen in Germany). Getting all your stuff taken is a different matter entirely. Leave your bicycle and belongings in your hotel / hostel or with someone you can trust whilst you go sightseeing. Don't park your loaded bicycle outside the palace / cathedral / other venue that you want to visit or you may well find that your stuff (and maybe your bicycle as well) has gone missing by the time you come back for it.

6)         Numbers 2 and 3 on this list provide a good way of getting out of your comfort zone. Starting a new job is always challenging and gives you a buzz – and makes you climb out of your rut. I've got out of my comfort zone many times as I get bored after a few years in one place or company. I'm sure I'd make a good gypsy. It's great to have a change of scene and really exciting as you never know what's going to happen or how things are going to work out – but they usually work out well – it's all about attitude and how you handle your mind. If things really don't work out, or if you get kicked out, then move on to the next challenge. No worries! Remember, it's only a job. It's NOT your life. And there are always new jobs to go for – and new challenges. As my mum used to say, "There's always work for those who want to work".


Please let me know how these ideas above have improved your wellbeing.




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