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Photography - A Complete Waste?

I've been deeply involved with my passion for photography for more than half a century.

I have spent huge sums of money (relative to my income) as well as huge amounts of time and effort and made huge sacrifices for the sake of my passion – especially in the days of film when the expense was really massive for a working lad.

I'm now in the latter years of my exceptionally varied life and have been reflecting on my photography over all the years since I first started pressing the shutter release. I have amassed many, many thousands of negatives, transparencies and digital images – not to mention all those that have ended up in the bin after being damaged in poor storage situations.

What will happen to them all after I've departed from this world? They will all end up in the bin, along with my considerable collection of cameras and lenses. Not a single soul will be interested in looking at my photographs once I've gone – let alone completing my work in digitising all those negatives and transparencies. I've had some of my photographs published and won a competition but have nothing at all worthwhile to pass onto the next generation except for a few family photographs for which I might just as well have used a box brownie or, more recently, a mobile telephone, instead of expensive 35 mm and medium format SLR and full-frame DSLR cameras with a wide range of top quality lenses – not to mention all the movie film cameras, video cameras, projectors and other equipment.

No one at all will be interested in my photographs of landscapes, castles and cathedrals, flowers, sunsets or anything else. No one. Not a soul.

All that money, time and effort – and passion; wasted.

The only thing that's been achieved has been that my passion has given me something to do when I've not been working or studying, or supporting my two families. As though there haven't been other things that might have occupied my time more usefully and less expensively, such as watching television or going for a walk (without a camera).

I'd also have been able to much better use all that cash too. In fact, I'd have been quite a wealthy man by now if I'd invested all the money that I've spent on photography instead of spending it on film and processing, cameras, lenses and other equipment and materials – a considerable bonus for my retirement finances.

Yes, I can definitely say my passion for photography has been a complete waste. A waste of my life as well as my money.

It's a pity it's taken me more than fifty years to realise that.

Isn't that sad?

Thinking about it even deeper, it's just the same as life. We're here for such a short time, then, when we've actually learned something useful, it's time to be put in our wooden box and depart this world. What's the point of being here at all?

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